1. as...as的用法


其基本结构为:as+ adj./ adv. +as。例如:

1) This film is as interesting as that one.这部电影和那部电影一样有趣。

2) Your pen writes as smoothly as mine.你的钢笔书写起来和我的一样流畅。

其否定式为not as/so +adj./ adv. +as。例如:

This dictionary is not as/so useful as you think.这本字典不如你想象的那样有用。

若有修饰成分,如twice, three times, half, a quarter等,则须置于第一个as之前。例如:

Your bag is twice as expensive as mine.你的袋子比我的贵一倍。


1) possible

Please answer my question as soon as possible.请尽快回答我的问题。

2) usual/before

She looks as pretty as before.她看起来和以前一样漂亮。

3) as long as... (引导条件状语从句)

It took us as long as three years to carry out the plan.我们花了长达三年的时间才完成这项计划。

4) as far as

He walked as far as the railway station yesterday evening.昨天傍晚,他一直散步到火车站。

5) as well as

She cooks as well as her mother does.她烧菜烧得跟她母亲一样好。


1) as busy as a bee像蜜蜂一样忙碌

2) as easy as ABC像ABC一样容易

3) as deep as a well像井一样深

4) as light as a feather像羽毛一样轻

5) as soft as butter像黄油一样软

6) as rich as a Jew像犹太人一样富裕

2. as用作连词引导时间状语从句


a) It was snowing when he arrived at the construction site.他到达工地时,天正在下雪。

b) He was watching TV while his mother was cooking.他母亲做饭时他在看电视。

c) You will grow wiser as you grow older.你会随着年龄的增长而越来越聪明。

3. as用作连词引导原因状语从句


a) He will succeed because he is in earnest.他一定会成功,因为他很认真。

b) Since you are so sure of it he”ll believe you.既然你对此如此有把握,他会相信你的。

c) As rain has fallen, the air is cooler.因为下过雨,空气比较清爽。

4. as作连词引导让步状语从句

as与although (或though),however (或no matter how)等都可以引导让步状语从句,含义是"虽然,尽管",但它们有区别:although语气稍正式些,可放在句首,也可放在句中,主句中不能再用but,但可以用yet;as所表示的语气较强,引导的让步状语从句用倒装语序;however引导让步状语从句时,它的后面可跟形容词或副词,也要用倒装语序。例如:

a) Although he is quite old, he still jogs every day.他虽然年纪相当大,仍然每天慢跑。

b) Strange as it may seem, nobody was injured in the accident.这次意外虽然显得令人不可思议,却没有人受伤。

c) However hard he may try, he will not attain his goal.无论他怎样努力也达不到目标。



1. as引导定语从句与其他词连用

a) 用于the same...as结构中

  This is the same book as I read last week.这本书和我上周读的那本是一样的。

b) 用于such...as结构中

  I don”t like such books as he recommends.我不喜欢他推荐的那些书。

c) 用于"so +adj. + a/an + n. (单数) + as "结构中

  I am not so strong a man as I was.我已经没有从前那么强壮了。

2. as单独引导定语从句


a) She is late, as is often the case.她迟到了,这是经常的事。(先行词是整个主句)

b) To shut your eyes to facts, as many of you do, is foolish.对事实视而不见--你们好多人都是如此的愚蠢。(先行词是不定式短语)



He came to China as a tourist five years ago.他五年前以游客的身份来过中国。


to the same degree or amount; equally "相同地","同样地"。例如:

They don”t have as many airplanes.他们没有同样多的飞机。


1. 1as soon as作“一…就”解,引导时间状语从句。例如:

As soon as I get to Beijing,I'll write to you.我一到北京,就给你写信。

2. as/so long as作“只要”解,例如:

As/So long as you study hard,you'll make progress.只要你努力,你就会取得进步。

3. as if/though


She loves the child as if/though he were her own.她爱这个孩子如同爱自己的孩子。

也可用来引导表语从句,常用在“It appears/looks/seems...+as if/though”句型结构中。例如:

It appears as if/though it is going to clear up.看起来天要晴了。

It seems as if/though he knew nothing about it.他好像对此事一无所知。

4. as to作“关于,至于”解。例如:

There is no doubt as to his honesty.他的诚实是无可置疑的。

5. as much/many as作“多达...”,“达到...之多”解。例如:

He can earn as much as 5000 dollars a month.他每月能挣5000美元。

6. so/as far as I know作“就我所知”解,在句中作插入语。例如:

As/So far as I know,he will come here next Monday.据我所知,他将于下星期一到这里来。

7. as a result,as a result of表示“由于...的结果”。例如:

She died as a direct result of the accident.她的死是那次事故的直接结果。

8. as well为“也,还”之意。例如:

Come early,and bring your brother as well.早点来,把你的弟弟也带来。

9. so as to, to若跟动词原形,表示目的或结果。例如:

He studied hard so as to pass the exam.他努力学习以便通过考试。(表示目的)


一、 as作连词的用法:
1. 作"当……的时候",引导时间状语从句。注意与when、 while的用法区别。
① when作"当……的时候"解,可以指较短的(一点)时间,也可指一段时间。如:
When he was at college, he could speak several foreign languages.
When the clock struck twelve, all the lights in the street went out.
② while常表示一段较长的时间或一个过程,强调主句谓语动词与从句谓语动词同时发生。如:
Work while you work. Play while you play.
③ 但属下列情形时,只用as, 而不用when或while。
A) 用于表示同一个人的两种动作交替进行,指"一边……,一边……"。如:
The girl dances as she sings on the stage.
He looked behind from time to time as he went forward.
As time went on / by, she became more and more worried.
As children get older, they become more and more interested in the things around them.
I thought of it just as you opened your mouth.
Just as the flying worm hit her face, she gave a loud cry.
D) 后接名词表示某一年龄段时,用as。如:
As a young man, he was active in sports.
2. as=since, 作"既然"、"由于"解,引导原因状语从句,常用来表示已为人们所知或显而易见的原因或理由。如:
As / Since you''''re not feeling well, you may stay at home.
As he wasn''''t ready in time, we went without him.
3. as=in the way that, 作"像"、"按照……的方式"解,引导方式状语从句。如:
He speaks English as Americans do.
Remember, you must do everything as I do.
4. 用于或not so/中,前一个as是副词,后一个as是连词,引导比较状语从句。如:
They helped the old man as often as possible.
I don''''t speak English so/ as well as he does.
5. 作"虽然"、"尽管"解,引导让步状语从句。常用倒装语序,即adj. /adv. / n.+as +主语+谓语+主句。如:
Tired as they were, they walked on.
Child as he is, he knows a lot. (child前不用冠词)
二、 as作关系代词,引导定语从句,作"正如"、"这一点"解。如:
He is very careful, as his work shows.
As is well-known, Taiwan belongs to China.
is known to everybody, the moon travels round the earth once every month.
A. It B. As C. That D. What
另外,当先行词被the same, such等词修饰时,常用as来引导定语从句。如:
Such a clever boy as he can learn anything quickly.
I was reading the same book as he bought yesterday.
三、 as作介词的用法:
As a League member, I''''ll take the lead in everything. (状语)
She works as a doctor. (状语)
They have me as one of their own children.(引起宾语补足语)


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