1.alter v. 改变,改动,变更
2.burst vi.,n. 突然发生,爆裂
3.dispose vi. 除掉;处置;解决;处理 (of)
4.blast n. 爆炸;气流 vi. 炸,炸掉
5.consume v. 消耗,耗尽
6.split v. 劈开;割裂;分裂 a.裂开的
7.spit v. 吐(唾液等);唾弃
8.spill v. 溢出,溅出,倒出
9.slip v. 滑动,滑落;忽略
10.slide v. 滑动,滑落 n. 滑动;滑面;幻灯片
11.bacteria n. 细菌
12.breed n. 种,品种 v. 繁殖,产仔
13.budget n. 预算 v. 编预算,作安排
14.candidate n. 候选人
15.campus n. 校园
16.liberal a. 慷慨的;丰富的;自由的
17.transform v. 转变,变革;变换
18.transmit v. 传播,播送;传递
19.transplant v. 移植
20.transport vt. 运输,运送 n. 运输,运输工具
21.shift v. 转移;转动;转变
22.vary v. 变化,改变;使多样化
23.vanish vi. 消灭,不见
24.swallow v. 吞下,咽下 n. 燕子
25.suspicion n. 怀疑,疑心
26.suspicious a. 怀疑的,可疑的
27.mild a. 温暖的,暖和的;温柔的,味淡的
28.tender a. 温柔的;脆弱的
29.nuisance n. 损害,妨害,讨厌(的人或事物)
30.insignificant a. 无意义的,无足轻重的;无价值的
31.accelerate vt. 加速,促进
32.absolute a. 绝对的,无条件的;完全的
33.boundary n. 分界线,边界
34.brake n. 刹车,制动器 v. 刹住(车)
35.catalog n. 目录(册) v. 编目
36.vague a. 模糊的,不明确的
37.vain n. 徒劳,白费
38.extinct a. 绝灭的,熄灭的
39.extraordinary a. 不平常的,特别的,非凡的
40.extreme a. 极度的,极端的 n. 极端,过分
41.agent n. 代理人,代理商;动因,原因
42.alcohol n. 含酒精的饮料,酒精
43.appeal n./vi. 呼吁,恳求
44.appreciate vt. 重视,赏识,欣赏
45.approve v. 赞成,同意,批准
46.stimulate vt. 刺激,激励
47.acquire vt. 取得,获得;学到
48.accomplish vt . 完成,到达;实行
49.network n. 网状物;广播网,电视网;网络
50.tide n. 潮汐;潮流
51.tidy a. 整洁的,整齐的
52.trace vt. 追踪,找到 n. 痕迹,踪迹
53.torture n./vt. 拷打,折磨
54.wander vi. 漫游,闲逛
55.wax n.
56.weave v. 织,编
57.preserve v. 保护,保存,保持,维持
61. abuse v. 滥用,虐待;谩骂
62. academic a. 学术的;高等院校的;研究院的
64. battery n. 电池(组)
65. barrier n. 障碍;棚栏
66. cargo n. (船、飞机等装载的)货物
67. career n. 生涯,职业
68. vessel n. 船舶;容器,器皿;血管
69. vertical a. 垂直的
70. oblige v. 迫使,责成;使感激
71. obscure a. 阴暗,模糊
72. extent n. 程度,范围,大小,限度
73. exterior n. 外部,外表 a. 外部的,外表的
74. external a. 外部的,外表的,外面的
75. petrol n. 汽油
76. petroleum n. 石油
77. delay vt./n. 推迟,延误,耽搁
78. decay vi. 腐烂,腐朽
79. decent a. 像样的,体面的
80. route n. 路;路线;航线
81. ruin v. 毁坏,破坏 n. 毁灭, [pl.]废墟
82. sake n. 缘故,理由
83. satellite n. 卫星
84. scale n. 大小,规模;等级;刻
85. temple n. 庙宇
86. tedious a. 乏味道,单调的,
87. tend vi. 易于,趋向
88. tendency n. 趋向,趋势
89. ultimate a. 极端的,最大的,最终的 n. 极端
90. undergo v. 经历,遭受
91. abundant a. 丰富的,充裕的,大量的
92. adopt v. 收养;采用;采纳
93. adapt vi. 适应,适合;改编,改写 vt. 使适应
94. bachelor n. 学士,学士学位;单身汉
95. casual a. 偶然的,碰巧的;临时的;非正式的
96. trap n. 陷阱,圈套 v. 设陷阱捕捉
97. vacant a. 空的,未占用的
98. vacuum n. 真空,真空吸尘器
99. oral a. 口头的,口述的,口的
100. optics n. (单、复数同形)光学

词组汇总 ()___基础篇
1. 动词短语
  be about to do 刚要 ,即将
  be friends with ……友好
  bear in mind 记住
  bring into effect 实行 ;使生效
  bring into operation 实施 ;使生效
  can not help 禁不住 ,忍不住
  carry into effect 施行 ;使生效
  cast light on/upon 阐明 ,使了解
  catch fire 着火 ,烧着
  catch one's breath 喘气 ,松口气 ;屏息
  catch one's eye 引人注目
  catch sight of 看到 ,发现
  come into effect 生效 ;实施
  come into operation 施行 ,实行 ,生效
  come to one's senses 醒悟 ;苏醒
  come true 实现
  could not help 禁不住 ,忍不住
  cut short 中断 ,打断
  do one's best 尽力 ,努力
  enjoy oneself 过得快活
  fall in love with 爱上
  find fault(with) 找岔
  gain an advantage over 胜过 ,优于
  get hold of 得到 ,获得
  get rid of 丢弃 ,摆脱 ,
  get the best of 战胜
  get the better of 战胜 ,占上风
  get together 会面 ,装配
  give rise to 引起 ,导致
  give way 让路 ,让步
  go ahead 开始 ,进行
  go into effect 施行 ,实行 ,生效
  go into operation 生效 ,实施
  go wrong 出错 ,出故障
  had better 应该
  had rather 宁愿
  had rather……than 宁愿 ……而不愿……
  have an advantage over 胜过 ,优于
  have in mind 想到 ;记得 ;打算
  have nothing to do with ……毫无关系
  have(something/much/little)to do with ……(有些/ 有很大/没有什么 )关系
  help oneself 自用 ,自取
  keep an eye on 留意 ,照看
  keep in mind 记住
  keep one's head 保持镇静
  keep one's word 守信用
  keep pace(with) ( ……)齐步前进
  lead the way 引路 ,带路
  learn by heart 记住 ,背诵
  leave alone 不打扰 ,不干预
  let alone 更别提 ,不打扰
  let go (of) ,松手
  lose heart 失去勇气 ,丧失信心
  lose one's head 慌乱 ,仓皇失措
  lose one's temper 发脾气 ,发努
  lose sight of 忘记 ,忽略 ;看不见
  make a /the difference 有影响 ,起作用
  make friends 交朋友
  make fun of 取笑 ,嘲弄
  make one's way ,前往
  make sense 讲得通 ,言之有理
  make sure 查明 ;务必
  make the best of 充分利用
  make the most of 充分利用
  make up one's mind 下决心 ,打定主意
  make use of 使用 ,利用
  make way 让路 ,让出地方
  may as well 还不如 ,不妨
  never mind 不要紧 ;不用担心
  pay attention to 注意
  piece together 拼合
  play a part(in) 起作用 ,参于
  put into effect 实施 ;使生效
  put into operation 实施 ;使生效
  put into practice 实施 ;实行
   put to use 使用
  see to it that 注意 ,务必 ,保证
  see that 注意 ,务必 ,保证
  set fire to 使燃烧 ,点燃
  take……for ……认为是
  take a chance 冒险 ,投机
  take(a)delight in ……为乐
  take advantage of 利用 , ……之机
  take care 当心 ,注意
  take care of 照顾 ,照料
  take charge 管理 ,接管
  take effect 生效 ,起作用
  take into account 考虑
  take for granted 认为 ……理所当然
  take one's time 不着急 ,不着慌
  take pains 努力 ,尽力 ,下苦功
  take part (in) 参加 ,参于
  take place 发生 ,进行 ,举行
  take the place of 代替 ,取代
  take turns 依次 ,轮流
  tahorw light on 阐明 ,使了解
  think better of 经考虑改变对 ……的看法
  try one's best 尽力 ,努力

2. 形容词同介词的搭配
  absent from 不在 ,缺席
  abundant in 富于
  alien to ……相反
  angry with sb at/about sth 生气 ,愤怒
  anxious about/for 忧虑 ,担心
  appropriate for/to 适当 ,合适
  applicable to 适用于
  apt at 聪明 ,善于
  apt to 易于
      ashamed of
羞愧 ,害臊
  approximate to 近拟 ,接近
  aware of 意识到
  abailable to sb for sth 可用 ,可供
  bare of 几乎没有 ,缺乏
  bound for 开往 ……
  capable of 能够
  careful of/about/with; 小心 ,注意
  certain of /about 确信 ,肯定
  about/in doing characteristic of 特有 ,独特
  clear of 没有 ,不接触
  clever at 善于
  close to 接近 ,亲近
  comparable to/with 可比较
  conscious of 察觉到 ,意识到
  consequent on 随之而来
  considerate towards 体谅 ,体贴
  contemporary with ……同时代
  content with 满足于
  contrary to 违反
  counter to ……相反
  crazy about 热衷 ,着迷
      critical of
挑剔 ,批评

curious about 好奇, 想知道   
    distinct from
种类 (风格 )不同
  doubtful of /about 怀疑
  east of ……东面
  equal to 相等 ,胜任
  equivalent to 等于 ,相当于
  essential to/for 必不可少
  expert at/in/on 善于
  faithful to 忠实于
  familiar to sb ……所熟悉
  familiar with sth 熟悉 ,通晓
  fatal to 致命的
  favourable to 支持 ,赞成
  favourable for 有帮助的
  fearful of 惧怕
  fit for 适于
  foreign to ……所原有
  fond of 喜欢
  free of /from 未受 ……;免费
  free with 康慨 ,大方
  guilty of ……罪的
  hungry for 渴望
  ignorant of 不知道
  impatient at sth. 不耐烦
  impatient of 无法容忍
  with sb independent of 不受 ……支配
  impatient for 急切 ,渴望
  indifferent to 无兴趣 ,不关心
  indignant with sb. 愤慨
  inferior to 级别低于 ,不如
  ab/about sth innocent of ……, 无辜
  intent on 专心于
  invisible to 不可见的
  jealous of 嫉妒
  keep on 爱好 ,很喜欢
  liable for ……有责任
  liable to
  loyal to 忠于
  mad at/with sb. 生气 ,愤怒
  mad with ……发狂
  next to 下一个 ,其次
  necessary to /for 必要的
  opposite to 在对面
  open to 不限制 ,开放的
  particular about 挑剔 ,讲究
  parallel to ……平等, 类似
  peculiar to 独特的 ,独有的
  patient with 有耐心
  prior to ……之前
  popular with ……喜爱, 爱戴
  representative of 代表 ……
  relative to ……有关
  rich in 富于
  responsible for 负责 , ……原因
  sensitive to ……敏感
  sensible of 觉查到
  sick of 厌恶 ,厌倦
  short of 缺少
  skilled at /in 善于
  similar to 相似
  sufficient for 足够的
  subject to 受制于 ,易于
  superior to 优于 ,级别高于
  suitable for/to 适合于
  suspicious of 怀疑
  sure of /about ……有信心, 确信
  typical of 是典型的 ,特有的
  tired of ……不在感兴趣
  votal to ……关系重大
  uncertain of /about 不确知
  mad about/on 狂热迷恋
  void of 没有 ,缺乏
  absence from 缺席 ,不在
  absence of 缺乏
  access to ……的入口 ,通路
  acquaintance with 相识 ,了解
  action on sth ……的作用
  addition to sth 增加
  admission to /into 进入 , ( , , )
  admission of sth 承认
  advance in 改进 ,进步
  advantage over 优于 ……的有利条件
  affection for/towards ,喜欢
  answer to ……的答案
  anxiety for sth 渴望
  apology to sb for sth 道歉
  appeal to sb for sth 恳求 ,呼吁
  appeal for 魅力 ,吸引力
  appetite for ……的欲望
  application ……应用于……
  approach to 类似 ,办法 ,通道 of sth/to sth
  argument 赞成 /反对 ……的理由
  arrangement for ……的安排
  for /against attack on ……的进攻, 评击
  attempt at 尝试 ,企图
  attention to ……的注意
  attraction for ……的吸引力
  balance between ……之间的平衡
  barrier to ……的障碍
  belief in ……的信仰, 相信
  candidate for 候选人 ,人选
  check on 检查 ,阻止
  claim for sth 要求
  collision with sb/sth 碰撞 ,冲突
  comment on /about ……的评论
  between A and B
  complaint of /about 报怨 ,控告
  compromise between/on 折中 ,妥协
  concentration on sth 专心 ,集中精力
  concentration of sth 集中 ,聚集
  concern about/for/over 担心
  confidence in ……的信任, 相信
  connection between; 关系 ,连接
  consent to sth 同意
  with/to sth contact with sb/sth 接触 ,联系
  contest for sth 争夺 ,竞争
  contradiction between 矛盾 ,不一致
  contrast to/with sth 对比 ,对照
  contribution to 贡献 ,捐献 ,促成
  between A and B conversation with sb 对话
  conversion 转变 ,转换 about sth
  of sth into sth credit for sth 荣誉 ,赞扬
  damage to sth 损坏
  danger to sb/sth 危险
  decision on/against /不做 ……的决定
  decrease in sth ……的减少
  defence against 防御 ,保卫
  delegate to 参加 ……的代表
  demand for ……的需求
  departure from 离开
  desire for sth 渴望
  difference 不同 ,差异
  difference 分歧
  between……over…… dispute about 争论, 辩论
  distinction between 区别
  doubt about/as to 怀疑
  effect on ……的作用
  emphasis on ……的强调, 注重
  encounter with 遭遇 ,遇到
  enthusiasm about/for 热情
  entrance to ……的入口 ,入场
  envy of sb 嫉妒
  exception to ……的例外 of /at sth
  exposure to sth 暴露
  fancy for sth 喜爱
  faith in ……的信任, 信仰
  glance at 扫视
  gratitude to sb 感激
  guess at sth 猜测
  for sth hatred for/of 仇恨
  hazard to 危险
  hunger for 渴望
  impact on/ upon ……的撞击, 巨大影响
  improvement on/in ……的改进, 提高
  increase in sth 增加 ,增长
  independence from 独立 ,自主
  influence on ……的影响
  inquiry about ……的查询
  inquiry into ……的调查
  interaction with sth 相互作用
  inteference in/with 干涉 ,阻碍
  between /among sth
  introduction to 引言 ,介绍 ,入门
  memorial to sth 引进 ( )
  invitation to 邀请
  investment in sth 投资
  loyalty to sb/sth 忠诚
  memorial to sb/sth 纪念碑
  obstacle to sth 纪念碑
  objection to sth 反对
  opponent of sth ……的障碍
  opponent at /in sth 对手
  patience with 反对者
  passion for ……的强烈爱好, 热爱
  precaution against 耐心
  pity for sb/sth 可怜 ,怜悯
  preference for sth 预防 ,防备
  preface to ……的前言
  preparation for 偏爱
  preference to sth 优先
  proposal for sth 准备
  prejudice against/ ……的偏见, 偏重
  preparation for 建议
  in favour of ……
  protection for sb 保护
  protest against sth 抗议
  against sth provision for/against 准备
  pull at/on sth ,
  ratio of sth to sth 比率
  reaction to ……的反应
  reason for 原因 ,理由
  reference to 提及 ,参考
  regard for ……的注意, 尊重
  remedy for 补救 ,解决
  reply to sb/sth ……的回答
  reputation for 名声 ,名气
  request for sth 要求
  research on/into ……的研究, 调查
  resistance to ……的抵抗, 阻力
  response to ……的回答, 反应
  responsibility for 责任 ,负责
  restrainst on sb/sth 限制 ,约束
  search for ……的搜寻
  service to 服务 ,贡献
  similarity between ……的相似之处
  skill at 技巧 ,熟练
  solution to ……的解决办法
  sorrow at/for/over 悲哀 ,悲痛
  stress on ……的强调
  supplement to sth 补充 ,增刊
  sympathy for ……的同情
  sympathy with ……的赞同
  taste for ……的爱好, 喜爱
  taste in ……的审美能力
  tendency to sth 趋向 ,趋势
  trust in ……的信赖, 信任
  wish for 欲望 ,愿望
  a series of 一系列 ,一连串
  above all 首先 ,尤其是
  after all 毕竟 ,究竟
  ahead of ……之前
  ahead of time 提前
  all at once 突然 ,同时
  all but 几乎 ;除了 ……
  all of a sudden 突然
  all over 遍及
  all over again 再一次 ,重新
  all the time 一直 ,始终
  all the same 仍然 ,照样的
  as regards 关于 ,至于
  anything but 根本不
  as a matter of fact 实际上
  apart from ……( / )
  as a rule 通常 ,照例
  as a result(of) 因此 ,由于
  as far as ……be concerned ……而言
  as far as 远至 , ……程度
  as for 至于 ,关于
  as follows 如下
  as if 好像 ,仿怫
  as good as ……几乎一样
  as usual 像平常一样 ,照例
  as to 至于 ,关于
  all right 令人满意的 ;可以
  as well 同样 , ,
  as well as ……( ), ……
  aside from ……( 还有)
  at a loss 茫然 ,不知所措
  at a time 一次 ,每次
  at all 丝毫 ( ),一点也不
  at all costs 不惜一切代价
  at all events 不管怎样 ,无论如何
  at all times 随时 ,总是
  at any rate 无论如何 ,至少
  at best 充其量 ,至多
  at first 最初 ,起先
  at first sight 乍一看 ,初看起来
  at hand 在手边 ,在附近
  at heart 内心里 ,本质上
  at home 在家 ,在国内
  at intervals 不时 ,每隔 ……
  at large 大多数 ,未被捕获的
  at least 至少
  at last 终于
  at length 最终 ,终于
  at most 至多 ,不超过
  at no time 从不 ,决不
    by accident
    at one time
曾经 ,一度 ;同时
  at present 目前 ,现在
  at sb's disposal ……处理
  at the cost of ……为代价
  at the mercy of 任凭 ……摆布
  at the moment 此刻 ,目前
  at this rate 照此速度
  at times 有时 ,间或
  back and forth 来回地 ,反复地
  back of ……后面
  before long 不久以后
  beside point 离题的 ,不相干的
  beyond question 毫无疑问
  by air 通过航空途径
  by all means 尽一切办法 ,务必
  by and by 不久 ,迟早
  by chance 偶然 ,碰巧
  by far ,……得多
  by hand 用手 ,用体力
  by iteslf 自动地 ,独自地
  by means of ,依靠
  by mistake 错误地 ,无意地
  by no means 决不 ,并没有
  by oneself 单独地 ,独自地
  by reson of 由于
  by the way 顺便说说
  by virtue of 借助 ,由于
  by way of 经由 ,通过 ……方法
  due to 由于 ,因为
  each other 互相
  even if/though 即使 ,虽然
  ever so 非常 ,极其
  every now and then 时而 ,偶尔
  every other 每隔一个的
  except for 除了 ……
  face to face 面对面地
  far from 远非 ,远离
  for ever 永远
  for good 永久地
  for the better 好转
  for the moment 暂时 ,目前
  for the present 暂时 ,目前
  for the sake of 为了 ,为了 ……的利益
  for the time being 暂时 ,眼下
  from time to time 有时 ,不时
  hand in hand 手拉手 ,密切关联
  head on 迎面地 ,正面的
  heart and soul 全心全意地
  how about ……怎么样
  in a hurry 匆忙 ,急于
  in case of 假如 ,防备
  in a moment 立刻 ,一会儿
  in a sense 从某种意义上说
  in a way 在某种程度上
  in a word 简言之 ,总之
  in accordance with ……一致, 按照
  in addition 另外 ,加之
  in addition to ……之外( )
  in advance 预先 ,事先
  in all 总共 ,合计
  in any case 无论如何
  in any event 无论如何
  in brief 简单地说
  in charge of 负责 ,总管
  in common 共用的 ,共有的
  in consequence(of) 因此 ;由于
  in debt 欠债 ,欠情
  in detail 详细地
  in difficulty 处境困难
  in effect 实际上 ,事实上
  in general 一般来说 ,大体上
  in favour of 支持 ,赞成
  in front of 面对 , ……
  in half 成两半
  in hand 在进行中 ,待办理
  in honour of 为庆祝 ,为纪念
  in itself 本质上 ,就其本身而言
  in line with ……一致
  in memory of 纪念
  in no case 决不
  in no time 立即 ,马上
  in no way 决不
  in order 按顺序 ,按次序
  in other words 换句话说
  in part 部分地
  in particular 特别 ,尤其
  in person 亲自 ,本人
  in place 在合适的位置
  in place of 代替 ,取代 ,交换
  in practice 在实践中 ,实际上
  in proportion to ……成比例
  in public 公开地 ,当众
  in quantity 大量
  in question 正在谈论的
  in regard to 关于 ,至于
  in relation to 关于 ,涉及
  in return 作为报答 /回报 /交换
  in return for 作为对 ……报答
  in short 简言之 ,总之
  in sight 被见到 ;在望
  in spite of 尽管
  in step 齐步 ,合拍
  in step with ……一致/ 协调
  in tears 流着泪 ,在哭着
  in the course of ……期间/ 过程中
  in the distance 在远处
  in the end 最后 ,终于
  in the event of 如果 ……发生, 万一
  in the face of 即使 ; ……面前
  in the first place 首先
  in the future 在未来
  in the least 丝毫 ,一点
  in (the)light of 鉴于 ,由于
  in the way 挡道
  in the world 究竟 ,到底
  in time 及时
  in touch 联系 ,接触
  in turn 依次 ,轮流 ;转而
  in vain 徒劳 ,白费力
  instead of 代替 ,而不是
  just now 眼下 ;刚才
  little by little 逐渐地
  lots of 许多
  many a 许多
  more or less 或多或少 ,有点
  next door 隔壁的 ,在隔壁
  no doubt 无疑地
  no less than 不少于 ……;不亚于……
  no longer 不再
  no more 不再
  no more than 至多 , ……一样不
  none other than 不是别的 ,正是
  on one's guard 警惕 ,提防
  nothing but 只有 ,只不过
  now and then 时而 ,偶尔
  off and on 断断续续 ,间歇地
  off duty 下班
  on a large/small scale /小规模地
  on account of 由于
  on(an/the) average 平均 ,通常
  on behalf of 代表
  on board 在船 ( /飞机 )
       on business
  on condition that 如果
  on duty 上班 ,值班
  on earth 究竟 ,到底
  on fire 起火着火
  on foot 步行 ,
  on guard 站岗 ,值班
  on hand 在场 ,在手边
  on occasion(s) 有时 ,间或
  on one's own 独立 ,独自
  on purpose 故意地
  on sale 出售 ,廉价出售
  on schedule 按时间表 ,准时
  on second thoughts 经重新考虑
  on the contrary 正相反
  on the grounds of 根据 , ……为由
  on (the) one hand 一方面
  on the other hand 另一方面
  on the point of 即将 ……的时刻
  on the road 在旅途中
  on the side 作为兼职 /
  on the spot 在场 ;马上
  on the whole 总的来说 ,大体上
  on time 准时
  once again 再一次
  once(and)for all 一劳永逸地
  once in a while 偶尔
  once more 再一次
  once upon a time 从前
  one another 相互
  or else 否则 ,要不然
  or so 大约 ,左右
  other than ;除了
  out of ……; 由于;缺乏
    out of breath
  out of control 失去控制
  out of date 过时的
  out of doors 在户外
  out of order 出故障的
  out of place 不适当的
  out of practice 久不练习 ,荒疏
  out of sight 看不见 ,在视野外
  out of the question 毫无可能的
  out of touch 不联系 ,不接触
  over and over(again) 一再地 ,再三地
  prior to ……之前
  quite a few 相当多 ,不少
  rather than 不是 ……(而是)
  regardless of 不顾 ,不惜
  right away 立即 ,马上
  side by side 肩并肩 ,一起
  so far 迄今为止
  sooner or later 迟早 ,早晚
  step by step 逐步地
  such as 例如 ,诸如
  thanks to 由于 ,多亏
  that is (to say) 就是说 ,
  to the point 切中要害 ,切题
  under control 处于控制之下
  under the circumstances 这种情况下
  up to date 在进行中
  up to 多达 ;直到 ;胜任 ;取决于
  what if 切合目前情况的
  what about 怎么样
  with respect to 如果 ……将怎么样
  with regard to 关于 ,至于
  without question 关于 ,至于 ,
  with the exception of ……之外
  without question 毫无疑问
  word for word 逐字的 

专四高频短语汇总(二) ____例句篇。
1. abide by(=be faithful to ; obey vt)
a) Plese feel assured we will abide by our promise.
2. be absent from…
a) He is seldom absent from school.
3. absence of mind(=being absent-minded)
a) Absence of mind in chemical experiments may cause a serious accident.
4. be absorbed in
全神贯注于 : be engrossed in ; be lost in ; be rapt in ; be buried in; be concentrated on ; be focused on ; be centered on
a) Newton was so engrossed in his laboratory work that he often forgot to eat.
牛顿全神贯注地在实验室工作 ,常常连吃饭也忘了。
b) engross      vt
用大字体书写 , 使全神贯注 ,
c) rapt      adj
5. (be) abundant in(be rich in; be well supplied with)
富于 ,富有
a) abound in place with sth
b) Streams abound with fish
c) Birds are abndant in the tall vegetation by the canal.
6. access (to) (
不可数名词 ) 能接近 ,进入 ,了解
a) There is no access to the street through that door.
7. of one’s own accord( willingly)
自愿地 ,主动地
a) She knew they would leave of their own accord.
8. in accord with
a) …this military action, taken in accord with United Nations resolutions…
9. out of accord with
10. in accordance(accord) with (=in agreement with)
依照 ,根据
a) Most people believe they conduct their private and public lives in accordance with
11. with one accord (unanimously)
a) With one accord they turned and walked back over the grass.
12. in concord      
a) The two tribes lived in concord.
13. on one’s own account
为了某人的缘故 , 为了某人自己的利益
14. (=at one’s own risk)
a) I told him if he withdrew it was on his own account.
15. (=by oneself)
a) She had plans to set up in business on her own account.
16. on account(credit)
赊账 ;
a) If you buy something on account, you pay nothing or only part of the cost at first, and pay the rest later.
17. on account of
因为 (because of);
a) You use on account of to introduce the reason or explanation for something.
18. on no account
不论什么原因也不 ;
a) On no account should the mixture come near boiling.
19. take sth into account
a) The direction of the prevailing winds should be taken into account.
20. give sb an account of
说明 , 解释 (理由 )
21. account for (=give an explanation or reason for)
解释 , 说明
a) The suspect couldn't account for his time that night.
22. accuse sb of…(=charge sb with…; blame sb for…; blame sth on sb ; complain about)
指控, 控告
a) They were accused of unlawful assembly.
23. be accustomed to doing sth (=be in the habit of doing sth, be used to sth)
a) I am not accustomed to being interrupted.
24. be acquainted with
了解 ; 熟悉
a) He was well acquainted with the literature of France, Germany and Holland.
25. act on
a) Both the Israelis and the Palestinians failed to act on recent UN resolutions.
26. act as
a) Act as an agent to record the accounts.
27. act for
a) He acted for Smith while he was ill.
28. adapt oneself to <situation> (=adjust oneself to)
a) He adapted himself to the cold weather.
29. adapt…(for) (=make sth Suitable for a new need)
改编 , 改写 (以适应新的需要 )
a) A graded reader is a story which has been adapted for people learning to read or learning a foreign language.
30. in addition
此外, , 加之
a) The Met Office Web site provides regional reports, a shipping forecast and gale warnings. In addition, visitors can download satellite images of the UK.
31. in addition to(=as well as, besides, other than)

a) There’s a postage and packing fee in addition to the repair charge.
32. adhere to (=abide by, conform to, comply with, cling to, insist on, persist in, observe<vt>, cleave to)
粘附; 坚持 , 遵循
a) I will adhere to this opinion until contrary facts appear.
如果没有相反的事实 ,我将坚持我的意见。
33. adjust to (=change slightly)
调节 ; 适应 ;
a) They are unable to adjust themselves to their environment”
34. admit of ( leave room for; allow for)
留有 的余地 The rules and regulations admit of no other explanation这些规章制度不容许有其他解释。
35. to advantage
有利的 ,使优点更加突出地
a) The roses were displayed to advantage in a blue vase.
36. have an advantage over
a) This custom-built kitchen has many advantages over a standard one.
37. take advantage of (=make the best of, utilize, make use of, profit from)
a) She took advantage of him even after they were divorced.
38. agreed to
同意, 允诺
a) She agreed to my idea
39. agree on      
a) We agree on this count
这一点上 ,我们的意见一致。
40. agree with      
a) I quite agree with what you say.
41. Agree with sb.      
a) I agree with you about the gun situation.
42. in agreement with
同意 , 一致
a) Not all scholars are in agreement with her, however.
43. ahead of
之前 , 超过
a) Our company is ahead of other makers of spare parts for the airplane.
44. ahead of time
a) This dish may be prepared a day ahead of time and refrigerated.
45. in the air 1)
不肯定 , 不具体
1. 2)
2. 3)
b) Excitement was in the air.
46. above all (=especially, most important of all)      
尤其是 , 最重要的
a) Above all, do not be too proud to ask for advice.
47. in all       adv. (=altogether)
总共 , 总计
a) In all some 15 million people live in the selected areas.
48. after all
毕竟,到底 ;
a) It has turned out to be a nice day after all.
49. (not) at all
一点也不 ;
a) I'm not at all sorry I came, I'm glad!
50. all at once(=suddenly)
突然 ;
a) I feel terribly sleepy all at once.
b) All at once there was someone knocking on the door
51. once and for all
一劳永逸 ;
a) The problem can be solved once and for all, if you do that.
52. above all
最重要的 ;
a) Above all, I love Tchaikovsky.
53. first of all
a) The cut in the interest rates has not had very much impact in California for two reasons. First of all, banks are still afraid to loan.
54. all in all
大体上说 ;
a) All in all, her condition is greatly improved.
55. all but(=Nearly; almost)
a) all but crying with relief
56. allow for
考虑到 , 估计到
a) We must allow for his inexperience
57. amount to (=to be equal to)
a) The banks have what amounts to a monopoly.
b) ...a schoolboy comedy, which amounted to little more than slapstick.
58. answer for (undertake responsibility for, be liable for, take charge for)
a) I will answer for the truth of what he has said.
59. answer to (conform to,compliance with)
适合 ,符合
a) He doesn't answer to the description of the missing man.
60. be anxious about
焦急不安 ; anxious for
a) We are all anxious about/for his safety.
61. apologize to sb for sth
a) I apologized to her for stepping on her foot.
62. appeal for sth
呼吁 、请求
a) to appeal for aid
63. appeal to sb
a) Does the film appeal to you?
64. apply for
a) I want to apply for the job.
65. apply to sth = resort to sth
有关 ;适用
a) What I have said does not apply to you.
66. approve of doing(=consent to, be in favor of, favor, agree to, consider good, right)
a) My parents don't approve of me smoking cigarettes.
67. arise from(=result from)
a) mistakes that arise from a basic misunderstanding.
68. arrange for sb to do sth
a) It has been arranged for him by his family to marry a girl of his own class.
69. arrive at
到达某地 (小地方 );得出 ,作出 ;
a) We arrived at a decision after much thought.
c) to arrive at a port
70. arrive in
到达某地 (大地方 );
a) to arrive at a port
71. be ashamed of   
a) I behaved badly yesterday and I am ashamed (of myself) now.
72. assure sb of sth   
保证 , 使 确信
a) I assure you its quality.
73. attach (to)
, ,
a) We should attach primary importance to the development of economy.
74. make an attempt at doing sth (to do sth)
a) If you make an attempt to do something, you try to do it, often without success.
75. attend to (=look after)
a) We'll attend to that problem later.
c) The staff will helpfully attend to your needs.
76. attend on(upon)(=wait upon, serve)
a) attend on one's master
77. attitude to/ toward …
的态度 /看法
a) People's attitude towards the skyscrapers varies widely.
78. attribute…to…(=to believe sth to be the result of…)
a) David attributed his company's success to the unity of all the staff and their persevering hard work.
79. on the average (=on average, on an average)
a) On average, American firms remain the most productive in the world.
b) American shares rose, on average, by 38%.
80. be aware of (=be conscious of , beware)
a) I was not aware of the fire.
81. in the back of
...后面    支持, 主使
a) Actor Hugh Grant was caught with his pants down when he was having sex with a prostitute in the back of his car.
82. on the back of
后部 (外面 );
a) A guy is reading his paper when his wife walks up behind him and smacks him on the back of the head with a frying pan.
83. be on one’s back(=be ill in bed)
a) He lay on his back, with his hands crossed under his head.
他仰面躺着 ,头枕着手。
84. at one’s back(=supporting or favoring sb)
a) Don’ t talk about other’ s at his
b) A:Tom should learn to look after himself.
c) B:Yeah,he can’t always have us at his back.
85. have sb at one’s back
支持 , 作后台
86. behind one’s back
背着某人 (说坏话 )
a) Don't speak evil of a man behind his back

87. turn one’s back on sb (=close one’s eye to sb)
不理睬 (某人 ),背弃 ,抛弃
a) If the world turns its back on you, you turn your back on the world.
88. be based on / upon
a) This news report is based entirely on fact.
89. on the basis of
根据 …, 基础上
a) On the basis of the above results, we may establish attractor viewpoint of process of the long-range atmosphere and climate.
90. begin with
a) Knowledge begin with practice.
91. To begin with (=firstly)
首先 , 第一 (经常用于开始语 )
a) To begin with, we must consider the faculties of the staff all-sidedly.
首先 ,我们必须全面地考虑全体员工的素质。
92. on behalf of
a) Secret Service officer Robin Thompson spoke on behalf of his colleagues.
93. believe in (=have faith or trust in; count on)
相信 ,依赖 ,信仰
a) I don't believe in the story.
我不相信这件事。 ;我不相信这个故事。
94. benefit (from)
受益 ,得到好处
a) We benefit from daily exercises.
95. for the benefit of
为了 的利益 (好处 )
a) in the interests of
符合 的利益
b) It is not his fault. He did it for your benefit.
c) All the donations are for the benefit of the disabled children.
96. for the better
a) Her condition took a turn for the better.
97. get the better of (=defeat sb)
打败 , 智胜
a) The devil begins to get the better of him by furnishing him with reasons for self-approval.
98. by birth
在出生上 ,论出身 ,按血统
a) Iococca is Italian by birth although he was born in the United States.
雅可虽然生在美国 ,但父母是意大利人。
99. give birth to
a) A hobby that gave birth to a successful business.
100. blame sb for sth
a) blame sth on sb
b) Don't blame it on him, but on me.
d) They blamed the secretary for the delay of the plan.
101. be in blossom
开花 (强调状态 )
a) come into blossom
开花 (强调动作 )
b) A friendship in full blossom
c) Approximately four thousand red and white plum trees come into blossom at the foot of Mt. Makuyama.
102. on board
到船上 , 在船上 , 上火车或飞机
a) We went on board the ship.
b) Everybody on board was worried and we were curious to find out what had happened.
飞机上的人都很着急 ,而且我们急于想了解出了什么事。
103. boast of (or about)
吹嘘 brag about
a) Nobody should boast of his learning.
104. out of breath
a) If you are puffing, you are breathing loudly and quickly with your mouth open because you are out of breath after a lot of physical effort.
105. in brief(=for short, In summary)
a) In brief he says 'No'
他简短地说了一个 ' '字。
106. in bulk
成批地 ,不散装的
a) If you buy or sell something in bulk, you buy or sell it in large quantities.
107. take the floor
a) It is with great emotion, that I take the floor here today.
108. on business
出差办事 (对应 for pleasure)
a) I'm here on business.
109. be busy with sth
a) be busy doing sth
b) He busied himself with answering letters.
110. last but one
a) Jack was the last but one to arrive.
111. but for (=without)
要不是 (表示假设 )
a) But for my brother's help, I would not have finished.
112. buy sth for…money
a) She bought her friend a present for 50 RMB.
113. be capable of
能够 , 有能力
a) Are you capable of climbing that tree?
114. in any case(at any rate, at any price, at any cost, anyhow)
a) It's too late, in any case.
115. in case (=for fear that)
万一 ;
a) took along an umbrella, just in case.
116. in case of (=in the event of, if)
如果发生 万一   
a) This is a case of stupidity, not dishonesty.
这只是个愚蠢的例子 ,并非不诚实。
117. in the case of
a) What to do in the case of an eye injury?
118. in no case
在任何情况下都不 (放句首倒装句 )
a) In no case do we recommend that anyone go below 100 Nutripoints daily because you really cannot expect to get adequate nutrients at this level.
119. be cautious of
a) He was cautious of his footing, wary of the edge.
120. center one’s attention on(=focus one’s attention on)
a) Industrial development is being centered its attention on the west of the country.
121. be certain of (=be sure of)
有把握 , 一定
a) We are certain of victory.
122. for certain (=for sure )
肯定地 ,有把握地
a) Some soils are actually too alkaline for certain plant life.
123. by chance(=accidentally, by accident)
a) They met by chance on a plane.
124. for a change
换换环境 (花样等 )
a) ate early for a change.
125. in charge of (=responsible for)
负责 (某事 )
a) Who's in Charge of this Network?
126. take charge of (be responsible for)
负责管理 (照顾 )
a) She is the youngest manager who takes charge of the overseas business in the company.
127. charge…for
索取 (费用 ),charge sb with sth 控告某人犯有
a) Charges ten dollars for a haircut.
128. round the clock(=all day and all night, usually without stopping)
a) This is a terrific mission and we are very busy doing science round the clock.
129. comment on sth
a) Everyone commented on her new hat.
c) He commented on the bad road.
130. commit oneself to
a) I commit myself to strive for grades of “C” or better in all my high school classes and to benefit fully from the classes offered during the summer program.
131. commit sb to prison
把某人送进监狱 ;
a) A robbery was committed to prison last night.
132. to commit oneself to a promise
133. in common (
…)有共同之处 ,共用
a) We have many things in common.
134. common touch    n.  
a) An effective administrator and also an effective leader, with a common touch
135. be common to sb
136. keep company with (=be friendly and go out together)
a) If you keep company with a person or with a particular kind of person, you spend a lot of time with them.
137. compare A with B
a) compare one thing with another
138. compare A to B
a) Man's life is often compared to a candle.
139. by comparison(with)
a) He puffed the new system by showing how badly his existing system performed by comparison.
b) Agricultural productivity remained low by comparison with advanced countries like the United States.
140. in comparison with (=in contrast to)
a) They were living rather well, in comparison with people elsewhere in the world.
141. compensate for (=give sth to make up for)
补偿 , 赔偿 ,弥补
a) Nothing can compensate for the loss of one's health.
142. compensate sb for sth
赔偿 ,弥补
a) Management compensated us for the time we worked.
143. complain to sb about/of sth
a) Jean is always complaining about something.
144. comply with (=act in accordance with a demand, order, rule etc)
遵守 , 依从
a) You must comply with the library rules.
145. In compliance with  
顺从 , 遵守 , 依从
a) Compliance with the law is expected in the state.
146. conceive of (think of, imagine, consider)
a) Half a century ago it’s difficult to conceive of travelling to the moon
147. be concerned with (=about)
关心 关注
a) We're rather concerned about father's health.
148. concern oneself about
关心 (concern及物 )
a) We're rather concerned about father's health.
149. concern oneself with   
a) to concern oneself with public work
150. in conclusion(=as the last thing) adv
最后 , 总之 ; at the conclusion of 结束时;
a) In conclusion, walking is a cheap, safe, enjoyable and readily available form of exercise.


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