end up with和end up in用法对比

end up with和end up in用法对比


end up with后面的宾语是其主语的一部分,而 end up in后面的宾语是其主语(一件事情、一个活动等)的结果。:

The meeting ended up with a song.(a song是主语The meeting 的一部分,即歌曲之后整个会议结束 ).

Their effort ended up in failure(failure是主语Their effort 的结果).

with in doing 只是end up 的不同搭配

end up: 

结束, 告终


1. The people who design America's nuclear bombs believe they helped win the Cold War. But now that the war is over, many wonder whether they'll end up out in the cold

 设计美国核弹的人相信他们帮忙打赢了冷战,可是既然冷战已经结束, 很多人不知道他最终会不会受到冷落。

 2. If you do that, you'll end up with egg on your face.  

 你要是做那件事,必将 以耻辱告终

 3. "These affairs always end up the same way , " he grumbled,"everybody looking to me to tell them what to do." "Oh? I'd have thought that was just your scene! " 

 "这些事情总是以同样的方式而告终, "他抱怨道," 大家指望我告诉他们做什么。 ""哦?我还以为那正合你的口味呢! "

 4. Wasteful people usually end up in debt.  


 5. You could end up running this company if you play your cards right. 

 你要是处理得当 , 到头来这个公司能归你掌管 .

 6. If you continue to steal you'll end up in prison. 

 你要是继续行窃终归得进监狱 .

 7. If he carries on driving like that, he'll end up dead. 

 他照这样开车 , 早晚得死於非命.

End in  ..... 结束/结尾(加抽象名词)

The demonstration end in a violent clash with the police.
Most plural nouns in English end in s'.
英语的复数名词多以 s 结尾.

Life does not endin death.


Although i know our love will endin nothing.
只要是真正的爱情 , 也一样惊心动魄 .
NOTICE: Your installation will endin step [8].
注意:您的安装将结束在步骤 [8]
You've owned that it would probably endin misery for us.

Some say the world will endin fire, (but) some say in ice.

英英解释: Where to go? What to do? So many choises that all endin pain, endin death.
去哪里?做什么?太多的选择 ……可这一切都会在痛苦与死亡中终结

At current rates, we can expect about half of all marriages to endin divorce.

Sadly, some amateur launchings endin tragedy

Think of love as a state of grace,not the means to anything but the alpha and omega,an endin itself.
Despite the disappointment of such a late defeat Rafa still insists the season could endin glory.
the country's quick economic growth would endin economic depression.

Often relationships begin with a flurry of romance and then endin great dissonance, argument or strife.
Heightened expectations can endin disappointment
End up with

His false accusations kicked back and ended up with himself in prison.

Love is as smile start, as kiss grow, endupwith tear. ???????

A trio of beauties try to conquer the male world and endupwith a deeper understanding of men.

I decided I still wanted to move forward rather than endupwith a mouthful of"if onlys" later on.
因此,我决心继续向前走而不是将梦想仅仅结束在口头上的 如果 。就这样,

A vote at the trust's board could endupwith a draw, as the German government may prefer a different bidder than GM.

At some point consolidation of development is going to occur at Autodesk and we're going to endupwith fewer choices.
she is likely to endupwith a happy home she has helped to build

We're not saying you should endupwith your clone, but ideally it should be someone who complements your personality (see the next rule for more details).
"我们并不是说你应该和你的 "克隆人" 在一起,但是理想情况应该是那个人和你具有互补性 (请详见下一条规则).
Every time we answer a question, we endupwith 25 more questions.我们每次解答一个问题,我们总共有 25个问题。

This crisis will end sooner than later, and if you don't manage yourself through this crisis properly you can endupwith problems going forward.

They are both doing well, and Hillary Clinton may endupwith a few more delegates in the last few contests, but she is not going to catch him.

Players that buy ISK and spend it on cool stuff will endupwith a negative wallet balance and in some cases cannot get out of debt.
玩家购买了 ISK并花掉也会让你的钱包的结余是一个负资产 ,有的甚至有可能不再恢复正值。 As Mark Twain once said, Studying humor is like dissecting a frog you may know a lot but you endupwith a dead frog.
正如马克 ·吐温曾经说过,研究幽默就像解剖一只青蛙 也许你能获益良多,但最终得到的只是一具青蛙尸体。

We could endupin the same mess all over again.

So formulate a plot fore I endupin jail or shot.
我需要耍点手段 ,要不然就只剩坐牢或被射杀的命运

You will endupin prison if you continue to steal.
Many young people endupin a job to which they are not suited .

Many endupin landfills and that is where the trouble really begins.
很多 (电脑显示器 ) 最终都是填埋处理,而麻烦也正是从这里开始的。

Some detainees from US military detention facility at Guant ánamo Bay, Cuba could endupin Europe.
Often these individuals endupin the military or navy of one's country, and may never leave, making the military their career.

Little is currently known about where such particles endupin the atmosphere and what overall effect they have on the climate.

As you communicate you lose even more information and body level consciousness than you had to start with and endupin a state of non-communion and non-union.
当你交流的时候,比起刚开始来,你甚至会丢失掉更多的信息和身体层面意识,并最终进入到一个没有交融、没有统一的状态之中。 A related problem ,analyist say ,is that government found (funds)intended for agricultrue(agricultural) deployment sometimes endupin the pocket of currput officals.
分析家说: 与之相关的一个问题就是政府为发展农业提供的基金有时落入了腐败官员的腰包
People who were happy before getting married and endupin a marriage plagued by conflict and qualities associated with a depressed spouse -- might be better off single.
Some highly motivated people of questionable intelligence deliberately do too much, but most of us gradually endupin this situation without even knowing how we get there.
married men who choose to have affairs usually endupin divorce court.
You endupin the barriers if you don't have the discipline to wait a little bit," said Austrian Tost, who over the years has gained a reputation as one of the toughest bosses in the sport.
" 你最终的障碍,如果你不吨有纪律,稍等一会儿,说: 奥地利托斯特,谁在过去几年赢得了声誉,成为了最老板在这项运动中 .



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